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Our tiles look lovely installed in kitchens, bathrooms, and more.

The Perfect Tiles

A father loves his little twin girls so much he remodeled a  bathroom just for them!  We were one of the fortunate ones to be a part of this job!  They used our Large Sea Shell Borders for the bath.
This is from his quote about our tiles: “The best thing I found was John & Debbie Beasley and Medicine Bluff Studios. Located in Cincinnati, Ohio they make a ridiculous assortment of absolutely gorgeous sea themed tiles (and other nature themes) including hatching baby turtles heading to sea! They have a repeating seashell border tile that matched the vanity PERFECTLY. I found my backsplash! It was one of those moments when all the pieces fall into place and the heavens open and the angels sing…”
We hope we can create a project so heartfelt for you!

The Perfect Tiles for Any Project

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